Tours Feature - FULL SCREEN Panoramic Images & Still Photo Slideshow

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The VRGuild Tour Management Platform offers members flexibility and great control over the look and feel of individual tours. Where most tour platforms offer only one viewer option VRGuild supports multiple viewer technologies. This open design gives each member the ability to produce tours the way they see fit.   The VRGuild Platform Now Supports Multiple Button Graphic Options!

Flexible Tour Displays

Mobile Viewing Displays -  How people access information has changed dramatically with the "take over" of smart phones, and mobile viewing devices. Adapting content to display in these varied platforms is critical to keeping Virtual Tours relevant. The VRGuild System is designed to dynamically serve content based upon the source of the request. Whether it is the smaller display dimensions of a Netbook, or the unique limitations of smart phones, the VRGuild System has tailored content for each device.
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VRGuild Standard Tour -  The Standard VRGuild tour displays panoramic images in - Flash (Ful Screen Capable). Standard Tours can be customized to include; Tailored background images, Full end client branding, Audio, Enlarged tour window, Floor plan, Printable flyer, Mapping, Social Networking, and Offline tour. Features can be turned on or off depending on the client's requests. This tour features Silver Button Graphics.
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Still Image Slide Show Tour - When panoramic imaging is not warranted/requested for a job, the VRGuild Platform supports the creation of still image only "Slide Show" tours. This tour features Icon Button Graphics.
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VRGuild Interactive Floorplan Tour -  To provide Members with greater design flexibility and support dynamic tour features, the VRGuild Platform can incorporate Interactive Floorplans. (No Additional Software Required.) In addition to VRGuild's standard features, the Interactive Floor plan tour features mapable hotspots for both still and virtual panoramic images. The design supports up to five separate floorplans per tour. This tour features a Gold Menu Bar.  NOTE - The Interactive Floorplan tour can be created as a Still Image only tour.
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IDX Compliance - Each tour created and managed through the VRGuild Tour Management Platform is also available in a non-branded version to comply with MLS regulations governing Internet Date Exchange, (IDX). In addition, VRGuild supports customizable IDX tours to meet the separate requirements of individual MLS areas. Just added with the launch of the new design, Members can customize IDX background colors.
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Private Client Portal

Each VRGuild member is provided with a private login portal. This portal can be customized to match the look and feel of the Member's web site. Through the portal clients can obtain access to a growing list of features for each tour produced. Including:
- Link information
- Tour update forms
- Custom printable flyers
- Detailed traffic information
- Access to post tours to social networking sites
- Digital marketing E-Cards

On Demand Printable Flyers

Clients have access to multiple printable flyer options for each tour produced on the VRGuild Platform. These flyers can be fully customized to include:
- Client contact information & company logo
- Detailed information on the subject property
- Selection of specific images for the flyer, along with the images' order of appearance
- PDF document conversion
- QR Codes that point to the Virtual Tour
Available in the Private Client Portal.
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Traffic Reports

Building a successful business is based upon providing value to the customer. The VRGuild Platform can automatically deliver "Custom Hit Reports" to individual clients. Allowing them to see details of traffic their tours receive! Available in the Private Client Portal.
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Social Networking

The Internet is a great medium to share information with others. Social Networking sites like, and have become a leading means for communicating with multiple contacts via the web. Tours created through the VRGuild Platform have a dynamic "Share With Friends" feature that allows viewers to share the experience with others through over 40 separate Social Networking sites.

E-Card, Electronic Brochures

Producers are provided with the ability to send electronic brochures with the completion of each tour.  These brochures are designed to be used by the end client as electronic marketing collateral, and forwarded to potential buyers.
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Membership in the VRGuild Association offers producers full and equal access to ®. Tours posted through VRGuild Platform are searchable using the "Display Listings with Virtual Tours First" feature on, and also appear on Agents' listings display.

The Power of This Dynamic Virtual Tour Platform is Only Available to
Members of The VRGuild Association.

Choose among a variety of button features:

  • Video Slide Show - Movie styled slide show feature to view up to 35 still images in a new window, or show still images on tour window.
  • Enlarge Tour - View enlarged panoramic images in a new window.
  • Floor Plan - Activate floor plan feature to view up to 5 floorplan images in a new window.
  • Information Flyer - Provides ability to generate a "hard copy" of information on the property.
  • Map Location - Interacts with Google to map location of property. (Can also Map with GPS Coordinates.)
  • Social Networking - Allows viewer's to share their experience with others.
  • Contact Us - E-mail & Scheduling feature.
  • Offline Tour - Provides ability for end user to download EXE file for tour to be place on hard drive.
  • School Information - Provides information on area schools associated with a Real Estate listing.
  • Client Portfolio - Link to the client's portfolio of tours that have been created by the Member.