Mission Statement

It is our responsibility to continue to create and support cutting edge business solutions for the nation wide association of Independent Virtual Tour Producers through the use of a dynamic tour management platform. By:

  • Offering an open platform design with sufficient flexibility to meet the needs of a diverse group of virtual tour producers.
  • Supporting a high level of branding for individual producers
  • Accepting virtual tour content created using the widest possible number of methods
  • Continually striving to make new VR technologies available
  • Maintaining a sufficient level of uniformity and functionality as to support the acceptance of virtual tour content by national content portals
  • Providing a forum for virtual tour producers to exchange ideas, job leads, and pursue work beyond their service areas

Like the Internet itself, dramatic changes continue in the virtual tour marketplace. There continues to be a need for a network centered on the efforts of independent VR producers. A network designed to facilitate communication and collaboration between developers, while allowing the companies doing the work to maintain the greatest control over branding of, and revenue from, content produced. This is the concept behind VRGuild.

The use of Virtual Tour technology on the Internet will continue to increase. This trend is driven by several factors, including:

  • Increased visibility of the technology and its many applications
  • Growing access to high speed connections
  • Acceptance of the Internet as the primary research tool
  • For real estate, changes in the home buying process driven by more informed buyers, and demands by the seller that virtual tours be part of the listing agent's marketing package

These reasons continue to make the virtual tour production business an lucritive option for photographers and developers.