System Features

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Compatibility!  The VRGuild Platform has been designed to support a vast number of hardware as well as software providers. Utilizing dynamic content created by a range of third party hardware and software providers, Virtual Tour producer's are provided with the ability to create highly customized virtual tours displayed in:

  • Full Screen Flash
    Requires the upload of .jpg and .xml file per panoramic scene
  • Mobile Viewing Support
    Netbook, iPhone, Android, Palm, & iPad
The VRGuild Platform offers Member producer's an extensive list of features including:

  • Create Virtual Tours with multiple VR images, digital photographs and interactive floor plan images.
  • Manage unlimited client profiles.  (You have the relationship with the client NOT VRGuild)
  • Support each client's unique identity by accepting and displaying personal photographs, phone number, web site, and e-mail address.
  • Designate customized colored backgrounds and font styles for every client
  • Designate custom logos that display while tour is downloading
  • Automatically deliver tours to national, regional and local portals
    (See Posting Relationships Below)
  • Create NON-Branded Virtual Tours that are IDX/MLS compliant
    (The VRGuild System can deliver IDX tours that fit specific rules set by individual MLSs)
  • Create and automatically send out highly customized e-mail brochures
  • Offer tour sponsorship through banner/logo placement on selected tours
  • Track hits received by every tour and automatically deliver reports to customer
  • Track billing through extensive report system
  • Maintain client contact through web-based e-mail system
  • Member's Private Client Portal. Through which clients can obtain access to:
      - Link information
      - Tour update forms
      - Custom printable flyers
      - Detailed traffic information
      - Access to post tours to social networking sites
      - Digital marketing E-Cards

Posting Relationships

In addition to offering Members direct access to, VRGuild has established direct posting relationships with a number of major MLS Systems across the US & Canada. Including:

  • SANDICOR -  (Southern California)
  • CRISNET - (Southern California)
  • SoCal MLS -  (Southern California)
  • CLAW - (Los Angeles Area)
  • MLSLisings -  (Central California) *Fee Applies
  • Metro List -  (Denver Area)
  • Heartland MLS -  (Kansas City Area)
  • FILOGIX -  (Ontario area, north of Taranto)
  • Real Comp -  (Michigan)
  • Trend -  (Pennsylvania)
  • MLS PIN -  (Boston Area)
  • MLS-LI -  (Long Island, Suffolk & Nassau Counties)
  • MRIS -  (Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia) *Fee Applies
The VRGuild System also supports posting to:
  • Craigslist
  • FaceBook
  • Twitter
  • LinkIn

24/7 Server Support

Members of the VRGuild Association can feel relaxed in knowing their tours are hosted at 1and1, a Class 1 hosting service providing 24/7 technical support.


The VRGuild system is designed to provide solutions to your business needs. If you are looking to create a boutique business to accommodate a few clients or build a national brand, the system will help you successfully grow and manage your business at any stage. This powerful platform is also easy to manage which will allow you to streamline your business model and save you time and money.